Friday, July 31, 2009

It's not about the Special Ops Mission One

For my first Special ops mission over at Operation Fat Blaster
I am supposed to document the "thing" that is standing in my way of reaching my weight loss/fitness goals.

Well, I have several "obstacles" to dodge every day along this journey that I am taking. Food cravings, passing by the fast food joint on my way home from work in the evenings, junk food that my 20 year old Son brings into the house, the huge bag of plain M&M's that my dear hubby PT Keeps stocked in the pantry, the Nurse's lounge at always ladened with fattening, unhealthy foods, the list goes on and on.

But I think that the very hardest thing that I have to overcome and find a way to not let stand in my way is parties. Yes, parties. My hubby and I love to entertain and be entertained and have and are invited to lots of parties with our dear friends. What goes with parties?? Lots of FOOD! And lots of Drinks! It is so hard to stick to my eating plan when out with friends and surrounded with delicious party food and drink.

I actually got to the point where I would turn down invitations cause I just didn't trust myself and as well as my intentions were,still end up taking a bit of this and just a taste of that, and just a sip of this, and a spoonfull of that...what would that hurt right? Wrong!

I am re-thinking this whole process. This whole thing with food being the center of every party. It's not about the food! It really isn't. It's about PEOPLE! Loved ones and dear friends getting together to spend time with one another. Sharing joy, laughter, frienship, fun....not about food! So, that's my mission....not to shy away from parties and miss out on the fun and being with my dearest friends by taking the spotlight off food and on to the people.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting Extreme Thursday!

Hey all! Hope you all are having a great week. Can't believe tomorrow is Friday already..where does the time go?

I've not missed a workout all week. Monday I did PC1, Tuesday did Burn it off Cardio, last night...I did PC2 with SR.

Today I am off work, woke up at 6:45 am and was getting extreme with Chalene by 7:00 am. 45 minutes of intense cardio alternating with wieights. It's a tough workout. I have so much more energy first thing in the morning compared to working out later in the's unbelievable just how much.

I waited about 1/2 hour after my cardio before fueling up with meal number uno... green protein shake. I was out of bananas so I used a peach as my complex carb choice and it was ok, but definetly not as good as it is when using a banana. That cardio sure does get my appitite up. I'ts just about time to eat again and my belly is growling...haha.

I need to go to Trader Joes sometime today. I'm almost out of Almond butter, ezekiel cinnamon raisin sprouted bread, and agave nectar, and I am completely out of greek yogurt and non fat plain yogurt. I also want to pick up some Blue chips and a few other bananas...LOL

Here are a few food pictures that I've taking over the past couple days.

Went shopping at World market the other day and picked up a couple bars of their Scrumptious Dark chocolate to have a smidgen on my laxed day. Now, I usually don't go the 99% route, but thought I'd give it a try out of curiosity. So, I bought one of each...the 82% that I normally get, and the 99%. What did I think about the 99%? I couldn't do it. Actually had to spit it out. Too bitter for me. But.....check this out....

Don't remember which blogger put this little idea into my head, but I put a few of the 99% Dark chocolate squares on top of my morning oats and Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm, divine deish!! They melted into the oats and were perfect!

Thanks to my blogger buddy Alison over at Mama's Weeds
I had these little buggers as my snack...Medjool dates stuffed with crunchy Almond butter....can you say died and gone to heaven? Yes, they are THAT good..thanks Alison!

Made up a bowl of fresh homeade was so good, I even used it as a dressing on my salads for a few days....Avacado, fresh chopped tomatoes, Fresh squeezed lemon juice, sea salt, diced red onion...left nice and chunky just the way I like good!

For dinner the other night, I cooked up a pot of Pepper Steak...which is PT's favorite meal. I used a very lean Sirloin steak with all the fat trimmed off and sliced it into very thin strips.

First sautee some fresh chopped galic and ginger in a little EVOO and sea salt and fresh ground black pepper for a couple minutes being careful not to let the garlic get too brown... then put in the thinly sliced Sirloin steak and stir fry till no longer pink. Remove from pan and set aside.

Then saute some Sliced Green peppers and sweet onion for a few minutes in the same pan that the meat was cooked in...

Meanwhile...take a couple TBL of Corn starch and put in med sized bowl..stir in Low sodium low fat beef broth, water, and low sodium soy sauce until corn starch dissolved...set aside

After the Peppers and onions are sauteed, put meat back into pan and pour in the corn starch beef broth mixture and also dump in a couple cans of drained, sliced water chestnuts and cook over med heat till sauce thickens. Top with sliced green onions. I know that brown rice would be ideal, but I just love this meal over steamed jasmine rice....voila finished yummy!!

Ok, time to re-fuel..gotta keep my metabolism reved up and roaring!

You all have a fabulous day!]

Keep it clean

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Hummus!

Hey there! Happy Hummus! That's what was written on this box that I recieved this morning!

What is inside you ask?

The awesome Abby from I Have Issues had a fabulous hummus giveaway and I was chosen as one of the radom winners...whoot whoot! Thanks so much Abby! I'll for sure be digging into these today! Three jars of Wild Garden's Hummus dip in Traditional, black olive, and Sweet 2 Pepper. All natural, no preservatives, no cholesterol..yea baby!


Thank you all so much for all the wonderful Anniversary wishes for Patrick and I :D

I wanted to share a couple of beautiful shots I took on our way to our celebration dinner Saturday night. Arizona skies are amazing during sunsets!

So, I got up early and SR and I got extreme doing Push Circuit 1. Last week of the push phase then it's on to the Lean phase. Today I worked Bi's, Tri's, and did Standard squats, Heel squats, and single leg squats...yowzers!! And if that wasn't enough, push ups at the very end...when our muscles have already reached fatigue and failed. I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to pushups. I still can't do them on my toes, but when I first started Chalene's program, I couldn't even do not 1 pushup...even on my I can do 6 with perfect form. Now SR, she can pump out 15 perfect toe pushups....the little show off...haha!

I made a yummy green protein shake after the workout that was delish... Whey isolate protein powder, banana, ice, usoam, and a few huge handfuls of spinach.

Getting ready in a few minutes to have meal number 2 which will be....oatmeal with blueberries, Bee pollen, and wheat germ and 4 hard boiled egg whites for some lean protein. Guzzling the water today too... :D

You all have a wonderful day and keep it clean!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today is a great day

Hey guys! I worked 24 hours in the past two days, so I've been MIA just a

Today is mine and PT's 21st wedding anniversary. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in love with me :D He is my best friend, lover, and soul mate forever and always.

So, let's see..what's been happening the past few days. As you know, I had Wednesday off so I spent the day with my 10 month old GD. We had a great "just us two girls" day! I gave her a bit of a green monster (minus the protein powder), and sprouted bread spread with AB for the first time and she was digging that stuff big time! After my DD picked her up, and SR got home from work, we hit PC2 and burned it up!

Thursday, I ended up working my normal 12 hour shift. Eats were clean, but I didn't get my workout in. I had every intention of doing it after work, but I was soooo exhausted, that I decided to do it on Sunday instead of using that day as my rest day.

Friday, I was on call for work, so got up early in the wee morning and SR came over and we did PC3. Chest, back, and a butt load of Sumo squats holding mega weights. My inner thighs are thanking me for those today let me tell ya..haha! After working out and a quick shower to wash the stink, we headed down town to check out one of the local Farmers market. Picked up some good looking organic produce and browsed the tents looking at everyone's treasures. Picked up a Casaba that I've not tried before. It's still got a bit of ripening to do but check it out, it's a beaut! The girl said that it was a toss between tasting like a canteloupe, Honeydew and a cucumber. I'm anxious to dig into it.

After browsing the farmer's market, we stopped for lunch at a little place called Grandma's kitchen. I ordered a cup of veggie soup, a veggie melt and iced tea with lemon. I actually took a pic of my sandwich...haha. First time I've ever done that in public. People must have thought I was nuts....hahahaha! Didn't turn out all that was all wrong, but here it is nonetheless :D (It tasted ok...nothing to write home about :/ )

As soon as we finished eating lunch, I was called into work so we had to get going. But it was a nice day all in all.

This morning, I got up early and got in Thursday's workout that I missed...did Burn interval cardio routine. Now, just enjoying the day with my sweetie. Thought I'd better check in before another day went by.

Here are couple pics of clean eats I've had the past two days...

Check out the size of those Organic Jumbo Raisins! They are so good!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Keep it clean!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Raising the bar: Operation Fat Blaster!

Hey hey my peeps! Happy humpday to you! Can't believe that this week is already half over. I was planning on working today, but wasn't needed, so got the day off. Always good to have an unplanned day off work right?

With the Chalean Extreme program...I have 5 scheduled workouts each week (3 weight training and 2 hight intensity cardio) and 2 rest days...with one of them being optional where I can thow in some extra cardio if I choose..which I usually do. But yesterday I woke with such severe doms that I decided just to let my body rest and recover some. They are still sore today, but much better. I soaked in the hot tub last night and boy that helped tremendously. I haven't had doms that bad in a long's a good thing..really, no matter how I upped almost all my weights in my last workout, so I expected it.

So, today is be done late this afternoon or early evening. SR has early workdays on Wednesdays, so I wait for her so that we can workout together. I don't mind working out alone, but it is more fun with a partner. We really do push each other to realy "bring it"! No slacking aloud....ha!

Eats have been really clean this week. No further slip ups since over-doing it on Sunday. I have been eating every 2-3 hours throughout the day and each meal has included a lean protein and complex carb and I have been getting in veggies at least for two of my daily meals. Water has been right on...drinking a minimun of 100 oz each day.

Here are a few pics of some of my clean no particular order....for your viewing enjoyment...teehee ;)

3/4 cup of nonfat cottage cheese topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries and a drizzle of blue agave nectar

Tried a new water this week. Metromint...spearment. Minty fresh :D

Yea...I think these should last me a few

1 cup Non fat plain yogurt topped with strawberries and blueberries with a nice healthy spoonful of Trader joes unsalted raw crunchy Almond Butter

Chocolate Mint Cliff Builder Bar....20g's of protein baby!

Ok, so you may be wondering why I called this post "raising the bar"? Well...I decided to join up with Operation Fat blaster and kick my motivation up a notch! Join forces with us and Check out Michelle's Secrets of a Former Fat girl's blog Here to join! We're on a mission to blast the fat!

Keep it clean!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Preparing for the clean week ahead

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Is it Monday already? I had a very nice weekend, and I hope you all did too.

Yesterday was a rest day for me, no workout. I know my body needs these rest days and that they are just as important for my progress as the actual workout days, but I gotta say that yesterday, I kinda missed working out...HA! Never thought I'd ever hear THAT come out of my mouth :D

My dd and dgd came over and spent the day with us. We swam, bbq'd, watched a movie, swam some more, went to the farmer's market, grocery shopped, came home and fixed dinner. Got to say, that it wasn't the best day for me in the clean eating department. I had a couple extra things I shouldn't have. I am allowing myself one cheat meal each week, but I kinda went a little overboard. Can't be doing that or I'll start wheel spinning...and that will not happen. So, back to the task at hand.

Got some great items at the farmer's market yesterday and also at the grocery store. My fridge is stocked and ready to rock it out this week in the clean eating department!

I roasted up some chickpeas yesterday afternoon. These ones were spicy onion flavor..nice and crunchy and tasty little devils they are. My friend Neat turned me on to them. Ever try them? Here's the how to...

First gather your ingredients...
*Olive oil spray
*Extra virgin Olive Oil
*Can of Garbanzo beans
*Sea salt
*Onion powder
*Cayenne Pepper

Preheat oven to 450 degrees and prepare baking sheet by spraying lightly with Olive oil spray

Drain and rinse off Garbanzo beans then blot dry with paper towel. Put in large mixing bowl. Pour about 1 TBL or so of EVOO over beans then stir to coat well.

Spread on baking sheet then sprinkle with Onion powder, sea salt, and cayenne pepper

Place in pre-heated oven and roast for about 45 minutes...stirring halfway through roasting time. I like to roast mine a little longer because I like them nicely browned and crunchy.

Cool completely, then store in zip lock bag

Don't they look scrumptious? Reach for these instead of chips when you get the munchies :D

I've already got my workout in for today. Did PC1 this morning. Worked Bis and tris... with lots of weighted squats and lunges...done very ssslllooowwwly...I might add :D

Had this as my post workout fuel-up...Ice, Unsweetened almond milk, Whey protein powder (26 gms), 1/2 large banana, 2 handfulls spinach, 1 TBL ground golden flax seed....


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sensational Saturday!

Hey there!

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. Filled with fun, laughter, love, and friendship!

I ended up having the weekend off, love that :D

My day started about 8 am...I slept in a little this morning. I had a cup of coffee out on the patio with PT. He got up at 5ish and was working in the yard doing some weed pulling ect. It was already well in the 90's by that time. We took a dip in the pool to cool off a bit. I love swimming early in the refreshing.

SR was coming over about 9:30 to do our cardio workout. Today is Burn it off. Since I'd already been up for over an hour, I knew I couldn't workout on an empty tank...if I'm gonna do that, I need to do it within 30 minutes of waking up.

I fixed PT some pancakes and sausage, but I had a fiji apple (my fav!) spread with Tj's raw unsalted crunchy AB and drank 25 oz of water..perfect preworkout fuel up :D

9:30 am...hit the gym for the one and only Burn it off..the words INTENSE and EXTREME come to mind to describe this workout. I dug deep and gave it my 100%. Sweatin bullets when we finished. I can tell my cardiovascular system is responding nicely to my workouts.

After working out, I waited about an hour to refuel....then had a Green protein shake. I really wanted to add a nana to the shake, but I'm out of nanners, so I used Blueberries and 1/2 peach. It was very good and gave me a nice level of energy.

That kept me full and satisfied for about 3 hours, and then it was time for my next meal. I had a bowl of oatmeal with Bee pollen, wheat germ, and ground flax seed and then had 4 hard boiled egg whites.

Late aftenoon, we decided to head out to the movies with a couple friends. I remembered Brandi's instructions on how to make your own healthy popcorn and decided to give it a try. It turned out fantastic. I used EVOO and sprinkled with sea salt and also a tiny bit of garlic powder. Click Here to check out Bran appetit and get the instructions.

No more fattening, butter loaded, salt laddened movie theater poppcorn ever again! Believe me when I say that this was just as good. And I knew exactly what was in it.. :D Thanks Brandi!

I also made up a bag of trail mix..using raw almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, sunflower seeds, pepitos, jumbo raisins...devine delish! Doesn't it look yummy??

My movie a bottle of water not pictured ;)

Just kicking back the rest of the evening. Kept the rest of my meals very simple. Non fat yogurt with some berries for a light dinner.

Exercise rest day for me tomorrow. Planning on hitting up the farmer's market that I never got to do today and also some regular grocery shopping and a Trader Joe's pit

Keep it clean!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Check out Clare's very first giveaway...for a chance to win...Nutters for Futters....Mmmm, Chocolate Almond Nut butter..oh my!
Hey hey, another awesome giveaway for you all to check out. Check out Heather's In celebration of Friends giveaway.... Here
Ohhhhhhh! Don't miss out on your chance to win this giveaway from Twirlit!! .....Twirlit Giveaway Wednesdays- Free Artisana Nut Butter Giveaway!

Fabulous Friday

Hey guys, how are you all doing today? I'm doing great. Ended up having the day off work, so that's always makes for a better day. Hey, I love my job and everying, but works work...right?

Thanks for the support in my fat loss journey I greatly appreciate it... ;)

So, got up this morning and did Chalean Extreme Push circuit 3. Worked chest, back, and shoulders with a ton of sumo squats and lunges thrown in the mix. Ever do bowlers lunges? Wowzers.....what a great way to work your buns and outer hip area. I've been trying to "lift heavy or go home" and reach muscle failure between 6-8 reps. Some of the exercises I was feeling that maybe I could do one or two more reps after reaching I know to go up in weights and lift heavier the next time. Others, I could barely reach 6 I know to go lighter. It's a work in

Had a green protein recovery shake after the workout, then a couple hours later, had this as my morning snack...

Non fat cottage cheese as my lean protein, topped off with a sliced nectarine and a handful of blueberries as my complex carb choice.... it hit the spot :D

Didn't take a pic of my next two meals, but I had a spinach salad with sliced grilled chicken and veggies and a couple organic brown rice cakes spread with a little AB for lunch, and then for my afternoon snack I had two slices of Ezekiel sprouted bread with sliced turkey and avacado and some steamed veggies. Not sure what dinner will be a few more hours to

Oh, for those of you love Hummus as much as I do, be sure to check out Abby's Hummus giveaway for your chance to win some! Good luck!
Keep it clean!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Perfect Sweet Potato!

Now I know we have all baked sweet potatoes before, probably many times. I had too. But when a friend of mind turned me on to this method for baking the perfect sweet potato....and I tried them, I was floored at how wonderful they were! These are by far the BEST sweet potatoes I have ever tasted...ever!

Even people who normally don't care for sweet potatoes, love these amazing little orange bundles of sweetness. They turn out moist, sweet, creamy, and need nothing on them at all for them to be delicious. Now, have I got your mouth watering, get some sweet potatoes or yams and give this method a try, you won't be sorry :)

Here are the simple directions...

~Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

~Scrub potatoes and dry them off but do not poke with holes or wrap foil around them

~Place potatoes directly on the middle oven rack... put a cookie sheet lined with foil on the rack directly below the rack that the potatoes are on to catch any drips and save on cleanup
~set timer for exactly 20 minutes.

~NOTE: Roasting the potatoes at this high heat for 20 minutes causes the potatoes to puff up and form a pocket around the potato causing them to actually steam cook...and caramelize

~after the 20 minutes has passed, decrease oven temp to 350 degrees and continue to roast for additional 60 minutes.

~Remove from oven

*Note: I find that for med to large potatoes this is the perfect time, if you have super large sized potatoes, you may want to increase time an extra 5-10 minutes

Look at that beauty....nature's candy!!

I always bake extra because they keep very well in the fridge wrapped in plastic...and remains nice and moist when re-heated in microwave oven.


Tuesday's Re-cap

Good day!!

Hey....I forgot to tell you that Monday was the 4 week mark since starting the clean eating lifestyle and the Chalean Extreme workout program, and I lost a total of 6 1/2 inches off my body and also lost 4 lbs of scale weight! Now, I am not putting the spotlight on what Mr. scale says, cause you know that guy doesn't show the whole picture...but on what Mr. Tape measure that dude Rocks it out!! HA!

Here is a re-cap on how my day went yesterday....

It was a great day. I got up and did Burn Intervals....a 45 minute intense interval cardio routine. Did it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Then I waited about half hour before fueling up with my first meal. My main fat on cardio days, If it is first thing upon waking, I can do it this way to burn the most fat.

Meal one was green protein shake...Whey protein powder, 1/2 cucumber, Ground golden flax seeds, sweetened with agave nectar. Since I didn't add fruit for the complex carb to the shake, I had one toasted slice of ezekiel sprouted bread spread with AB and blackberry preserves.

For meal 2, I had 1/2 cup of non fat cottage cheese and 1 peach. Meal 3 was spianach salad with raw veggies and grilled chicken (no carb with this meal)

Meal 4 also known as, was Sliced grilled chicken breast, Roasted sweet potato, and roasted cauliflower and broccoli.

Meal 5 was Greek yogurt and strawberries sweetened with agave nectar.

I also drank 100 oz of water throughout the day.

Hope you all had wonderful days as well ;)

Keep it clean

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday's Motions

Hey there!

Well, today Me and Susan started the Push phase of the Chalean Extreme program. Got up and had 1 cup of coffee, grabbed a bottle of water, drank half of it and then hit it hard. Love, love, love the push phase. Completely different then the Burn phase in that you concentrate on only one muscle group at a time. Lifting heavy and lifting super duper SLOW! Object is to fail the muscle within 6-8 reps. Making sure to keep perfect form with each rep. With the push circuit work biceps and triceps and also gultes and hammies. I think I see some major doms in my near future..yea!

Finished the workout and another bottle of water then made a green protein smoothie to feed the, unsweetened original almond milk, 1 scoop of whey isolate protein powder, 2 huge handfuls of spinach, 1 frozen banana, 1 TBL each...Bee pollen, ground golden flax seeds, and wheat germ went into the blender. This is what came out. Pure green heaven! (date is wrong on my camera...doh!)

For lunch, I made a delicious sandwich. 2 toasted slices of Ezekiel bread spread with hummus then topped with sliced grilled chicken breast, slices of red and green pepper and avocado...

This afternoon, I roasted some cauliflower and broccoli following Trilby Drew's instructions. They turned out so yummy delish! First the cauliflower...before roasting...

After roasting...

Then the Broccoli...after roasting...

The two beauties together...just lovely!

I've got sweet potatoes roasting in the oven right now. I found the perfect way to roast sweet potatoes. I'll post the method I use and also pics of them tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great day today!

Keep it clean!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is how I started my day today....delicious and healthy! No workout for me today though, it was my scheduled rest day....and boy, I needed it :)

Sunny Sunday~

Hey there! It sure is a Sunny Sunday here in my neck of the woods.... yesterday, temps got up to over 115 degrees..whoa baby that's hot!

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

My plan is going great. I worked 12 hours on Friday, but when I got home, I did the BC3 weight workout in. SR did the workout at her house in the morning, so I was on my own. I still pushed myself though. Eats were clean all day and I got in 100 oz of water.

Yesterday, Was a super busy day for me. My fridge went on the blink and stopped cooling. Busted our booties getting everything in coolers before food went bad. PT had it torn apart determined he was going to fix it without calling a repairman. Well, he thinks he found the problem and we have everything back together and waiting to see if it is working fine before putting the food back into the fridge. Luckily, we have an upright freezer that I put all the frozen food into, but it is a pain living out of coolers..blah!

Anyways, I got up first thing in the morning and did Burn it off cardio with that is a killer! Eats managed to be clean. Went to a used bookstore and got a few vegetarian and vegan cookbooks and also my very first raw cookbook to read (and try my hand at a few recipes).

Speaking of Raw cookbooks, you all have to check out this amazing Blog called "the fitnessista" Gina is having a raw cookbook giveaway...Living Raw Food by Sarma Melngailis that is out of this world! Check it out and get entered for your chance to win your SIGNED COPY! Here is the link to the post

Keep it clean!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thuper Thursday

Hey hey! How's it going?

Here is a recap from yesterday...

I worked a 12 hour grueling running my arse off shift yesterday. Got home at 8pm, popped a couple slices of delectible ezekiel sprouted raisin bread into the toaster then topped each slice with 1/2 TBL of TJ's crunchy raw almond butter (love that stuff!). Washed it down with a 25 oz bottle of water while sitting with my feel propped up...I was dead beat tired!

SR was here 1/2 hour later...and we headed upstairs and cranked out BC2...working mostly back, tris, and bis. Along with a gazillion squats and I tell you, I had to force myself to do the workout, I wanted so badly just to plop down on the sofa. But I did it and felt mighty empowered afterward.

After the workout, I downed 1 scoop of whey protein powder mixed with water and 1/4 banana thrown...straight to the muscle it went..ahh ;) Then I hit the shower, got into my comfies and played with Einstein and Mia (my tft) for about 1/2 hour. Then hit the hay. I swear, I was asleep before my head hit the And I got in 10 hours....that was 10 hours of pure unadulterated "Skinny Sleep"....heck yea!

My eats were super clean yesterday. Green shake first thing in the morning..consisting of..protein powder, ice, chocolate unsweetened almond milk, blueberries,and wheat germ. Then a couple hours later had a bowl of old fashioned oats with blackberries, raisins, and bee pollen. I also had 4 hard boiled egg whites with 1 yolk (the rest went in the trash).

Meal number 3 was a huge spinach salad with grilled chicken, tons of fresh veggies, a couple healthy slices of avacado and topped with 1 slice of toasted ezekiel bread cut into cubes...faux Croutons! Meal 4 was 1/2 cup non fat Cottage Cheese and a fresh peach. Meals 5 and 6 I described above..pre and post workout meals. Yummy eats!

I also drank about 100 oz of water the whole day.

So, was a good, but tireing day! Now I'm off to read all your posts from yesterday and see what mischief or not you got into.. :)

Keep it clean!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Toodilly Tuesday

Hello! Got the day off work today, so just made it a lazy dazy day.

I did get 20 minute HIIT done on my treadmill this morning. But other then that, didn't do much of nothing except watch MJ's memorial on TV and make my Parrot Einstein up a 6 week batch of his Bean/rice/veggie mash. He's my buddy. 2 year old Eclectus...such a love bug and a clown. Love him to pieces! Here is the handsome devil himself..oh lookie, he matches my background!

Eats today were squeaky clean. Had a green smoothie this morning after my workout. Ice, chocolate almond milk, whey protein powder, blueberries, couple handfulls of spinach, TBL of ground golden flax seeds and a TBL of wheat germ....turned out a not so green color, but tasted great. Had that green and purple mixed up color going on....yea, that would be brown...haha!

Mid morning meal consisted of 4 pickled hard boiled egg whites...ah, don't knock it till you try it :D, and a bowl of oats. I actually made the oats on the stovetop. I usually just nuke them but wanted to try something different. I also threw in a TBL of raisins while they were cooking. Then poured into my bowl, added a sliced banana, couple tsp of bee pollen and topped it off with a dollop of crunchy AB. It was lip smakin good!

Lunch was a salad. Baby spinach, diced grilled chicken, sliced cucs, red and green peppers, green onions a few raw walnuts and a couple slices of Avacado then sprinkled with EVOO balsamic dressing and I had a couple of organic brown rice cakes on the side.

Afternoon snack.....I had a couple string cheeses and a granny smith apple.

Just finished dinner.....Turkey black bean burger, baked sweet tater, and steamed broc....I'm stuffed.

For my snack tonight, I'll have some non fat cottage cheese and some sliced strawberries.

Didn't take one food picture today ;/ really was a lazy, dazy day ;D Hope you all had great days today too!

Ps.. I still haven't made the roasted veggies like I was going to today...ugg, forgot!

Keep it clean!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Blueberry heaven

Snapped a pic of my blueberry heaven breaky this morning. TJ's greek yogurt topped off with a load of fresh blueberries and just a drizzle of agave.

Monday madness!!

Hey guys! Hope you all are having a great Monday. The hubs has today off, so today feels like a Sunday to me with him being home :D

You all have to check out Angie's blog.... is having an awesome trader joe's giveaway...just follow the link ;) but hurry, it ends tonight! SR was here bright and early at 7 am and we hit the iron. We both pumped it out!! Feeling so great and way stronger then the first week. We've both come a long way since starting the program.

After the workout I made a delicious green protein shake. Then a couple hours later, had some TJ's greek yogurt with blueberries and agave for my morning snack. It was so cold and refreshing. I'm so hungry today. I'm finding that I am always so much hungrier on my weight lifting days. Do you find that?

Have a great Monday and keep it clean!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

End of a great weekend

Hey there!

I can't believe that the weekend is over. PT has tomorrow off work, so it will continue for my household one more day. Always nice to have Mondays off yipee!

Well, I had a wonderful day yesterday and hope you all did as well. We spent the day in Tucson. The KIIM fest show was a lot of fun. PT's Brother from Nashville is the drummer for the headliner act they had that day. Whenever he is in Arizona, we always head out to see him. They put on a realy nice Fireworks display after the show. We were planning on staying over and driving home this morning, but we decided to just make the drive last night. We got home around 2 am. We live about 2 hours from Tucson. So not bad. I was bad and fell asleep on the way home, leaving PT all alone... ;( I really tried hard to stay awake! Really!

I took yesterday off as my rest day from working out. Had my Green protein smoothie for my breaky and then right before we left, I made a meal consisting of cottage cheese, a diced fresh peach and a dollop of TJ's raw crunchy unsalted AB. It was delish.....

Took a cooler with us and packed some apples, peaches and AB to have as snack while at the park during the day. I also drank lots of water. It was so hot and muggy yesterday. We did have dinner out....I had a large green salad with grilled carb and iced tea. So all in all, my eats for the day were pretty clean.

Today was cardio day for me. I did Burn it off early this afternoon. I usually like to workout first thing in the morning, but was just too tired and wanted to have a nice quiet restful morning. This is what I had for breaky this morning...Non fat cottage cheese, banana with AB and a squirt of Agave..yummy with a capital Y!!

Me and SR went to the farmer's market today. I loaded up with a ton of fresh fruits and veggies. Got a bunch of Broccoli..gonna try to make Trilby drew's Roasted veggies tomorrow..can't wait to try them....check out her recipe for making roasted veggies..., I know they are gonna be delish!

This week will be the last week of the burn series then I'll start the push series....whoo hoo, I'm excited!

Bright and early BC1 weight lifting tomorrow with SR!

Until next time,

Keep it clean!