Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Toodilly Tuesday

Hello! Got the day off work today, so just made it a lazy dazy day.

I did get 20 minute HIIT done on my treadmill this morning. But other then that, didn't do much of nothing except watch MJ's memorial on TV and make my Parrot Einstein up a 6 week batch of his Bean/rice/veggie mash. He's my buddy. 2 year old Eclectus...such a love bug and a clown. Love him to pieces! Here is the handsome devil himself..oh lookie, he matches my background color...cool!

Eats today were squeaky clean. Had a green smoothie this morning after my workout. Ice, chocolate almond milk, whey protein powder, blueberries, couple handfulls of spinach, TBL of ground golden flax seeds and a TBL of wheat germ....turned out a not so green color, but tasted great. Had that green and purple mixed up color going on....yea, that would be brown...haha!

Mid morning meal consisted of 4 pickled hard boiled egg whites...ah, don't knock it till you try it :D, and a bowl of oats. I actually made the oats on the stovetop. I usually just nuke them but wanted to try something different. I also threw in a TBL of raisins while they were cooking. Then poured into my bowl, added a sliced banana, couple tsp of bee pollen and topped it off with a dollop of crunchy AB. It was lip smakin good!

Lunch was a salad. Baby spinach, diced grilled chicken, sliced cucs, red and green peppers, green onions a few raw walnuts and a couple slices of Avacado then sprinkled with EVOO balsamic dressing and I had a couple of organic brown rice cakes on the side.

Afternoon snack.....I had a couple string cheeses and a granny smith apple.

Just finished dinner.....Turkey black bean burger, baked sweet tater, and steamed broc....I'm stuffed.

For my snack tonight, I'll have some non fat cottage cheese and some sliced strawberries.

Didn't take one food picture today ;/.......it really was a lazy, dazy day ;D Hope you all had great days today too!

Ps.. I still haven't made the roasted veggies like I was going to today...ugg, forgot!

Keep it clean!


  1. He's a cutie! Great job on eating clean today! There's lotsa bloggers doing the green monster thing right now - I haven't tried it, I'm not much of a shake person - I like to chew my calories (as opposed to drinking them), but that's just mental me!

  2. Your eats sound yum! Do use the sweet or unsweet almond milk? Yay, for taking a lite day. Thats my plan for today!


  3. Oh my gosh! Your bird is beautiful! He looks so perfect that I had to stare at him, thinking, "Is that thing real?" And he does match your background! Love it!

  4. Michelle~ Hey there! Good to see you! I know..lol You've got to try a green smoothie! You can't really taste the spinach, it just gives off a really good flavor. I love them. I have one every morning just about. I always hate eating first thing in the morning, so the protein shakes are perfect solution for me to kick off my metabolism for the day. Then a couple hours later, I'm ready for real food...haha Getting closer to Sunday...I'm so excited for you :D

    Justine~ Hi! I use the unsweetened Almond milk. That way there is only 40 calories in each cup..lol Hope you had a nice relaxing day yesterday! Great to hear from you! :D :D

    Trilby Drew~ I've got to figure out your "real" name..haha! Thanks so much, he is so pretty. I had to laugh at your commend about wondering if he was real...that is exactly what I thought the firs time I saw an eclectus..lol Thanks for hanging out with me gf! Come back anytime! PS. Did you ever find that lizzard??? LOL!