Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thuper Thursday

Hey hey! How's it going?

Here is a recap from yesterday...

I worked a 12 hour grueling running my arse off shift yesterday. Got home at 8pm, popped a couple slices of delectible ezekiel sprouted raisin bread into the toaster then topped each slice with 1/2 TBL of TJ's crunchy raw almond butter (love that stuff!). Washed it down with a 25 oz bottle of water while sitting with my feel propped up...I was dead beat tired!

SR was here 1/2 hour later...and we headed upstairs and cranked out BC2...working mostly back, tris, and bis. Along with a gazillion squats and I tell you, I had to force myself to do the workout, I wanted so badly just to plop down on the sofa. But I did it and felt mighty empowered afterward.

After the workout, I downed 1 scoop of whey protein powder mixed with water and 1/4 banana thrown...straight to the muscle it went..ahh ;) Then I hit the shower, got into my comfies and played with Einstein and Mia (my tft) for about 1/2 hour. Then hit the hay. I swear, I was asleep before my head hit the And I got in 10 hours....that was 10 hours of pure unadulterated "Skinny Sleep"....heck yea!

My eats were super clean yesterday. Green shake first thing in the morning..consisting of..protein powder, ice, chocolate unsweetened almond milk, blueberries,and wheat germ. Then a couple hours later had a bowl of old fashioned oats with blackberries, raisins, and bee pollen. I also had 4 hard boiled egg whites with 1 yolk (the rest went in the trash).

Meal number 3 was a huge spinach salad with grilled chicken, tons of fresh veggies, a couple healthy slices of avacado and topped with 1 slice of toasted ezekiel bread cut into cubes...faux Croutons! Meal 4 was 1/2 cup non fat Cottage Cheese and a fresh peach. Meals 5 and 6 I described above..pre and post workout meals. Yummy eats!

I also drank about 100 oz of water the whole day.

So, was a good, but tireing day! Now I'm off to read all your posts from yesterday and see what mischief or not you got into.. :)

Keep it clean!

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  1. Great job!! On getting your workout in, drinking a green monster shake (still can't bring myself to do that), and on the clean eating!