Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Hummus!

Hey there! Happy Hummus! That's what was written on this box that I recieved this morning!

What is inside you ask?

The awesome Abby from I Have Issues had a fabulous hummus giveaway and I was chosen as one of the radom winners...whoot whoot! Thanks so much Abby! I'll for sure be digging into these today! Three jars of Wild Garden's Hummus dip in Traditional, black olive, and Sweet 2 Pepper. All natural, no preservatives, no cholesterol..yea baby!


Thank you all so much for all the wonderful Anniversary wishes for Patrick and I :D

I wanted to share a couple of beautiful shots I took on our way to our celebration dinner Saturday night. Arizona skies are amazing during sunsets!

So, I got up early and SR and I got extreme doing Push Circuit 1. Last week of the push phase then it's on to the Lean phase. Today I worked Bi's, Tri's, and did Standard squats, Heel squats, and single leg squats...yowzers!! And if that wasn't enough, push ups at the very end...when our muscles have already reached fatigue and failed. I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to pushups. I still can't do them on my toes, but when I first started Chalene's program, I couldn't even do not 1 pushup...even on my I can do 6 with perfect form. Now SR, she can pump out 15 perfect toe pushups....the little show off...haha!

I made a yummy green protein shake after the workout that was delish... Whey isolate protein powder, banana, ice, usoam, and a few huge handfuls of spinach.

Getting ready in a few minutes to have meal number 2 which will be....oatmeal with blueberries, Bee pollen, and wheat germ and 4 hard boiled egg whites for some lean protein. Guzzling the water today too... :D

You all have a wonderful day and keep it clean!!


  1. Such a cool package to receive!!

    Love the beautiful landscape shots!

  2. yea i agree with angie! we live in az also and the skies can get pretty nice! so have you tried that hummus yet? i have seen it in stores but wasnt to sure about it.let us know!

  3. OMGoodness those ARE some amazing skies! I think it's a sign for another 21 amazing years to come. ;)

  4. Great job Linda on your workouts and meals! And how cool is that -- free hummus? YUM-O!!

  5. wow all of that hummus looks great :)
    gorgeous pictures by the way! really love the second one!

  6. sounds like you're doing some awesome workouts! i'm from az too, i live in phoenix!! great pics. :)

  7. Yay for AZ skies!!! We dropped our kids off at day care early this morning and went on a sunrise bike ride. It was awesome!!

  8. Great blog Linda, but I am gonna have to stay away til I get to Provida goal to keep reading, cause all these beautiful foods are making me drool!! Only a couple of weeks to go. Then I have a plan to bring in lots of great items, many you use. One question, what is the "usoam" in the smoothie? Thanks and be back when I hit goal!

  9. Hi Mary!! So happy to see you here!

    I totally understand you not wanting to look at pictures of food items that make you Some of them are totally 6wbmo friendly though ;) Check out the recipe for Overnight Crockpot Pumpkin oats. Just sub rice milk for the almond milk..and voila....6wbmo approved!

    USOAM is short for unsweetened original almond mIlk. You'll also see USVAM...unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Both only 40 calories a cup.

    Can't wait for you to hit goal! Soon baby, soon! You are gonna have to start up your own blog, I'll bet it's something you'd have a ball doing :D

    See ya soon!