Friday, July 31, 2009

It's not about the Special Ops Mission One

For my first Special ops mission over at Operation Fat Blaster
I am supposed to document the "thing" that is standing in my way of reaching my weight loss/fitness goals.

Well, I have several "obstacles" to dodge every day along this journey that I am taking. Food cravings, passing by the fast food joint on my way home from work in the evenings, junk food that my 20 year old Son brings into the house, the huge bag of plain M&M's that my dear hubby PT Keeps stocked in the pantry, the Nurse's lounge at always ladened with fattening, unhealthy foods, the list goes on and on.

But I think that the very hardest thing that I have to overcome and find a way to not let stand in my way is parties. Yes, parties. My hubby and I love to entertain and be entertained and have and are invited to lots of parties with our dear friends. What goes with parties?? Lots of FOOD! And lots of Drinks! It is so hard to stick to my eating plan when out with friends and surrounded with delicious party food and drink.

I actually got to the point where I would turn down invitations cause I just didn't trust myself and as well as my intentions were,still end up taking a bit of this and just a taste of that, and just a sip of this, and a spoonfull of that...what would that hurt right? Wrong!

I am re-thinking this whole process. This whole thing with food being the center of every party. It's not about the food! It really isn't. It's about PEOPLE! Loved ones and dear friends getting together to spend time with one another. Sharing joy, laughter, frienship, fun....not about food! So, that's my mission....not to shy away from parties and miss out on the fun and being with my dearest friends by taking the spotlight off food and on to the people.


  1. love this post chica! food does NOT have to eqaul fun.....i think i blogged about that once actually-LOL!!!
    anyways,good to have you abaord operation fat blaster!!!
    looking forward to seeing your progression!

  2. Why is it that all social functions revolve around FOOD? Why can't we just get together and have a good time? Grrr ...

    Great post Linda!! You totally have what it takes to see this journey through!

  3. I too have turned down invitations or avoiding certain social settings because I wanted to avoid temptation. There are some great tips out there on staying on course while entertaining or going to a party. I always try to eat before I go so I don't show up hungry, and I take a plate and fill it up once and that's it. I also only eat things I wouldn't normally eat or are "new".

    Cheese and crackers? I can eat that anytime.

    Artichoke dip? That's not something I eat every day, so that's worth it.

    Ooooo chocolate cake, it's been a while since I've had any cake!

    You are totally right. It's not just about the food, it's about the people and spending time together. It's hard to separate these two things and to let the focusing on FOOD part go.

  4. Thanks for that Alison! I have been allowing myself one laxed day a week and I find I have been doing What you do on that day. I don't just eat any ole food just cause "I can", it has to be something very special, something that I have been wanting or craving all week long, and something that tastes out of this world spectacular. Can't waste those calories on just any ole It's so great to have everyone's support here ;)