Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunny Sunday~

Hey there! It sure is a Sunny Sunday here in my neck of the woods.... yesterday, temps got up to over 115 degrees..whoa baby that's hot!

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

My plan is going great. I worked 12 hours on Friday, but when I got home, I did the BC3 weight workout in. SR did the workout at her house in the morning, so I was on my own. I still pushed myself though. Eats were clean all day and I got in 100 oz of water.

Yesterday, Was a super busy day for me. My fridge went on the blink and stopped cooling. Busted our booties getting everything in coolers before food went bad. PT had it torn apart determined he was going to fix it without calling a repairman. Well, he thinks he found the problem and we have everything back together and waiting to see if it is working fine before putting the food back into the fridge. Luckily, we have an upright freezer that I put all the frozen food into, but it is a pain living out of coolers..blah!

Anyways, I got up first thing in the morning and did Burn it off cardio with that is a killer! Eats managed to be clean. Went to a used bookstore and got a few vegetarian and vegan cookbooks and also my very first raw cookbook to read (and try my hand at a few recipes).

Speaking of Raw cookbooks, you all have to check out this amazing Blog called "the fitnessista" Gina is having a raw cookbook giveaway...Living Raw Food by Sarma Melngailis that is out of this world! Check it out and get entered for your chance to win your SIGNED COPY! Here is the link to the post

Keep it clean!

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