Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sensational Saturday!

Hey there!

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. Filled with fun, laughter, love, and friendship!

I ended up having the weekend off, love that :D

My day started about 8 am...I slept in a little this morning. I had a cup of coffee out on the patio with PT. He got up at 5ish and was working in the yard doing some weed pulling ect. It was already well in the 90's by that time. We took a dip in the pool to cool off a bit. I love swimming early in the refreshing.

SR was coming over about 9:30 to do our cardio workout. Today is Burn it off. Since I'd already been up for over an hour, I knew I couldn't workout on an empty tank...if I'm gonna do that, I need to do it within 30 minutes of waking up.

I fixed PT some pancakes and sausage, but I had a fiji apple (my fav!) spread with Tj's raw unsalted crunchy AB and drank 25 oz of water..perfect preworkout fuel up :D

9:30 am...hit the gym for the one and only Burn it off..the words INTENSE and EXTREME come to mind to describe this workout. I dug deep and gave it my 100%. Sweatin bullets when we finished. I can tell my cardiovascular system is responding nicely to my workouts.

After working out, I waited about an hour to refuel....then had a Green protein shake. I really wanted to add a nana to the shake, but I'm out of nanners, so I used Blueberries and 1/2 peach. It was very good and gave me a nice level of energy.

That kept me full and satisfied for about 3 hours, and then it was time for my next meal. I had a bowl of oatmeal with Bee pollen, wheat germ, and ground flax seed and then had 4 hard boiled egg whites.

Late aftenoon, we decided to head out to the movies with a couple friends. I remembered Brandi's instructions on how to make your own healthy popcorn and decided to give it a try. It turned out fantastic. I used EVOO and sprinkled with sea salt and also a tiny bit of garlic powder. Click Here to check out Bran appetit and get the instructions.

No more fattening, butter loaded, salt laddened movie theater poppcorn ever again! Believe me when I say that this was just as good. And I knew exactly what was in it.. :D Thanks Brandi!

I also made up a bag of trail mix..using raw almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, sunflower seeds, pepitos, jumbo raisins...devine delish! Doesn't it look yummy??

My movie a bottle of water not pictured ;)

Just kicking back the rest of the evening. Kept the rest of my meals very simple. Non fat yogurt with some berries for a light dinner.

Exercise rest day for me tomorrow. Planning on hitting up the farmer's market that I never got to do today and also some regular grocery shopping and a Trader Joe's pit

Keep it clean!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! Food photos look beautiful as always!

  2. Looks like you had a great Saturday!! How awesome that you brought your own snacks.

    I have never had grilled mango but it sounds delish. How do you keep it from sticking to the grill? For the chocolate soft serve I just added a splash of unsweet. choc. almond milk, dark choc. cocoa powder, and dark choc. stevia to the frozen banana. Then I just blended it into chocolate heaven :)


  3. I LOVE Trader Joe's raw almond butter. In fact, it's dangerous for me to even keep it in the house bacause I just INHALE it. :)

    Hey, what do you think of the bee pollen? I've heard people say that it gives them a lot of energy but I've never tried it myself. Do you like it?

  4. Thanks Michelle:D

    Justine~ Thanks for the Choco soft serve instruct. Oh I bet you'd love grilled mango. I just make sure to brush the grill rack down good with olive oil to keep the mango from sticking.

    Trilby~ I've only tried a couple different brands of AB, when I got to TJ's, I loved it so much, I just kept buying It is addicting though your right.

    I really like eating the bee pollen. It has so many health of them being an increase in energy. I usually add it to my oats each day, but you can add it to smoothies/shakes..ect..or just eat it plain by the

  5. I'm the same way... if I'm going to work out first thing before eating, I need to get moving within an hour or less (preferably less!) otherwise I definitely need to eat something.

  6. I want that trail mix!

    I think your cardiovascular system is responding well too! haha.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm glad to find another nurse :D

  7. great movie snacks! I'm glad you liked the popcorn!