Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Round 2...ding ding!

"One's own thought is one's world. What a person thinks is what he becomes"
~Maitri Upanishads

Hey everybody! I'm still here! I spent the last week and half helping Daughter move and get settled in. Between that and work, I've been "BUZY"! Having a ball though and Lovin life!

I finished up the first round of Chalean Extreme Sunday. Exercise wise, I've been right on track, diet wise...err, not so good. With running around so much I found myself unprepared and did the grab and go convenience thingy no-no. Had a bad week and half there.... OOPS

BUT, on a positive note, I started round 2 of Chalean Extreme yesterday. Back to Burn circuit 1 yesterday morning bright and early. I was really able to bump up the weights compared to where I was the first go around. Susan is also going to be doing another round with me. This time, however, we will be throwing Turbo Jam in the mix...yeah baby!

I've got my mind set on wearing something sexy... and tiny... this New Years Eve, so I've got to kick it up a notch....(or two..haha) Got to tighten up the diet and get to it!

Hope you all are doing wonderful! Sorry I was absent for so long!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's my turn!

Hey there!

Well, I'm having a great day today. Got up bright and early...and killed it with Burn Intervals. Wow, that's an intense workout and I love it! I was still sweating when I got out of the shower! Chest on "fiya" from yesterday's workout....ahhhh, does it get any better?

Waited about 45 minutes after my cardio workout before fueling up with my old faithful Green Monster protein shake, I FINALLY picked up some oat bran the other day and decided it was high time to give the ole "oats in a jar" a try. OMG-oodness! Party in my mouth! What took me so long to try oat bran you ask? I have no idea...I guess I have always loved oat meal so much that I didn't see the need to expand....but boy was I

Started with this....

1/3 cup into the pot...

Then I added 1 cup H2O, 1/2 banana..cut up, 1 TBL Jumbo flame raisins, dash of sea salt, 1 tsp vanilla, and sweetener of choice. I used Agave nectar.

Boil for 2 minutes stirring constantly, then take off heat and let sit for 2 minutes. Then stir in 1 TBL golden flax seeds ground with my majic bullet, and 1 TBL of wheat germ

and....can't forget... 1 tsp of Fresh Bee Pollen granules

Stir to combine well...

Next, take your "almost empty" jar of Raw Almond butter (ok, mine had a little more AB then normal...)

And put the other half of the banana in the bottom

Pour the cooked oat bran over top of the bananas, and top with fresh blueberries, raw walnuts, and a drizzle of agave nectar

Yummy! So clean, nurishing, delish, and filling. I had a scoop of protein powder mixed with 1 cup of almond milk to make this a complete complex carb/lean protein balanced meal.

Again, does it get any better?

Keep it clean!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Torture Tuesday

Hey there! Wow, didn't realize it's been this long since my last post....eek! I'm a slacker! I am still following my plan and eating clean, just been really busy with work.

I kinda tweeked my lower back this weekend, so the past two days, have been very careful in that area.

Today was the second day of week three of the lean phase. Yesterday I did lean circuit 1 and this morning did extreme abs and then did lean circuit 3. I'm probably working the rest of the week, so saved my cardio for those days. My arms are screaming at me today. Bis, tris, core and lower body Monday, and shoulders, chest, core and lower body no worries about not letting each muscle group rest fully. Tomorrow, I'll be doing cardio for sure.

Eats have been right on! I grocery shopped yesterday and my fridge and pantry are both stocked and ready to rock a clean eat week for sure! Did some cooking yesterday, but need to do some more today.

Hope you all have been doing wonderful as well :D

I'm off to read all your blogs and get caught up!! Can't be getting this far behind again...ugg!

Keeping it clean!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 2 lean monday

Hey! Happy Monday!

Today I started week 2 of the lean phase. Bis and tris, lower body and core. It's been 7 hours since my workout and my arms are still shakey..whoa! I bought some lemons yesterday to add to my protein smoothie and I forgot to throw one I have a nice lemon tree in my backyard, but no lemons on it I have to buy them.

Eats have been pretty good, had a few meals that were not perfect...but basically, have stuck to my plan. Today, I have been doing some cooking that I didn't get done yesterday. Boiled some eggs, baked sweet potatoes, Roasted veggies, grilled some chicken breasts, cut up some fresh pineapple. Still need to make a pot of baked brown rice with roasted tomoatoes out of the eat clean diet book. And get a pot of overnight pumpkin oats ready to roll tonight. Then I'll be all set with clean food till Sunday.

Today was also house cleaning day. So, I've been bussssssy!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday :D

Keep it clean!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hello there! What a wonderful day today is! Sun is shinning, birds are singing, life is great! I am spending the day with my 10 month old Granddaughter Kylie. She is the apple of my eye, holds the key to my heart and is my love and treasure :D

She is taking a nappy poo, so thought I'd better get on here real quick and post a little update.

So let's see...where did I leave off? Oh yea, I was anxious to start up the Lean phase of the Chalean program. I LOVE IT! Started it on Monday. Did Lean circuit 1...working Bis, tris, lower body and core. Tuesday, I did the Extreme Ab workout and also Burn it off cardio. Yesterday, I did Lean circuit 2...working shoulders, back, lower body and core. Woa baby, am I having a bad case of doms! My shoulders and back are so sore from lifting, that they hurt to lift my arms to shampoo my hair in the shower this morning...yowzers! It's a sweet pain though right? YES!

Today, I did my own thing early this morning. Jumped on old Betsy (my dinosaur of a and did a 30 minute hight intensity interval training. There are many ways to do HIIT, but basically, you start off with a couple minute warm up and then slowly bring your intensity level up... to a peak, then back down, then back up, then back down....with intervals..alternating high and low throughout the workout. How you do it is up to your individual preference or fitness level. But it has to be super it a 9 or 10 on the intensity scale. Then follow with a couple minute cool down and your done. Intense, but quick and to the point...perfect!

Showered, then had a quick bowl of oats with blueberries, bee pollen, and wheat germ and 4 hard boiled egg whites before little miss Kylie arrived.

Tomorrow, I'll do extreme intervals and abs. I can't believe that I am actually to the point of looking forward to my workouts. I miss working out on my rest day. This is a great thing!

You all have a great and powerful day!

Keep it clean!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

WEEKend not WEAKend!

Are we all having a great WEEKend and not WEAKend? Well I'm happy to say that I am! :D For most of us, the weekend is usually a time when we are faced with much temptation and find it easy to fall off the wagon as far as our clean eating is concerned. I have a friend who always writes have a great WEEKend not WEAKend. I thought it was pretty catchy. I've been strong this weekend. Went to a party last night at our friend's house and all I had was iced tea...yeah!

Workouts have come right along this week. Today is my rest day and also ends the push phase of the Chalean plan. Tomorrow morning I start the lean phase and I'm totally hyped about it.

I weighed myself this morning and my weight has not changed but I have lost inches. I was able to easily fit into a pair of jeans that I have not been able to wear in over a year. And the top I wore has short sleeves that button and the last time I wore it, I was unable to button the sleeves and had to roll them under. Well yesterday, I was able to button them right up! Yipee! This is proof that we can not rely on the scale to show us our progress. I have been gaining precious, spectacular, fat burning muscle while at the same time burning up even though my actual body weight is unchanged, my body size is SMALLER and tighter, more to my ears!! So use those tape measures and the way your clothing are fitting to judge your progress, not the scale!

Eats have been pretty good this past week, but I did have a few slip ups. My goal this week is to keep my diet completely tight and clean and have one cheat meal on Saturday or Sunday. Not one nibble until then!

Here are a few pics that I have taken this past couple days

Apple/Pear was delish!! Sweet, crunchy, juicy, with the consistency of a pear. Will for sure be buying more of these :D

Trader joes gormet flakes & chocolate with unsweetened Almond milk

Spinach/Tomato and Guac salad (I added some sliced grilled chicken breast after I took the picture) So fattening dressing needed :D

Best Aroma young Thai Coconut...Not to be confused with coconuts you see in the grocery store....the brown, hairy kind. A young thai coconut is the same, just not as mature, and the liquid is absolutely loaded with a ton of minerals and nutritional qualities. Coconut water has been used in tropical regions around the world for centuries. Perfect for re-hydrating the body. Maybe the future sports drink?

Just look at all that beautiful Coconut water inside. Nature's Juice! What an amazing super food it is!

The water in these young coconuts are some of the purest of all waters. It is cholesterol free, and has more electrolytes than any fruit, vegetable juice or sports drink around. It is also completely pure and sterile. Did you know that back in WWII, Coconut water saved thousands of soldier's lives? Any wounded soldier needing a blood transfusion recieved a coconut water IV. Wow, unbelievable! The coconut water is sterile and is naturally distilled and was placed directly into their body through an IV! In 3rd world countries, coconut water is used as a universal blood and is still saving lives today.

I took the ice cold young coconut water, pureed the meat from inside, added a little agave nectar and had the most delicious coconut smoothie..yummy!

So, how do you like your young coconuts? Do you love them as much as I do?

I'm off to do some clean food shopping and then do some major pre-cooking for the coming week. You all can call me Betty today...ha!

Keep it clean!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Honest Scrap Blog Award

Holy Moly! Today, my dear blogging friend Michelle of Secrets of a Former Fat Girl gave me the honor and presented me with the Honest Scrap Blog Award!

Thank you so much Michelle. I am truly touched and honored to accept this awesome great!

So, I know you're wondering what is this Honest Scrap Blog Award?

According to the web...

"This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant. This award is about bloggers who post from their heart, who oftentimes put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul."

Now that's deep!

There are three rules that need to be followed upon accepting this award.
1)Brag about it
2)Select 7 Blogs you find brilliant and link to them
3)List 10 honest things about yourself

Ok, so, I think it's pretty safe to say that I've earned my bragging rights by blogging about my award right here. So, I'll cross rule number one off the list...check!

On to rule nuber two

I read a ton of wonderful amazing blogs and I love them all...and like to consider them all brilliantly written in their own right. But, per rule number 3, I can only pick 7. So, these are the ones that just jumped to my mind.

Listed in no particular order...

1) Secrets of a Former Fat Girl written by non other than Michelle herself!

2)Mama's Weeds Written by Alison

3)Simply Clean™ Clean Eating, Nutrition, Fitness Written by Maria Peters

4)Melissa's Journey to the Figure Pro-Stage! Written by Melissa

5)THE CONFESSIONS OF A SAHM Written by Justine

6)Heather Eats Almond Butter Written by Heather

7)Peanut Butter Swirl Written by Kailey

Please check out these blogs and see just how great they are!!

Now for rule number three....listing 10 honest things about myself. Hmmm, I'll try not to bore you all too much with this one...ha!

1)I believe in love at first sight

2)I love pickled foods. Eggs, bologna, potatoes, kraut, veggies, them all. Well, not pickled pigs feet...eek!

3)My father died of cancer when he was only 51 years old. I was only 23. I was so mad at God over it, that I refused to pray or have anything to do with God for two years after.

4)I won 20 bucks at a singing contest when I was 8 years old.....singing Rudolf the red nosed reindeer

5)I am super clautrophobic

6)I earned my Nursing Degree at Hurley Medical Center School of Nursing in Flint Michigan

7)I have a burning desire to learn the piano

8)I am extremely tehnically challanged....never could figure out how to run the VCR..ha!

9)I am married to my most bestest friend in the whole wide world.

10) I am owned by Einstein the Eclectus Parrot. (When you have a bird, they own YOU not the other way around)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

HIIT and Pumpkin Oats...

Good Sunday Morning!

I hope you all are having one fantastic weekend. Mine has been really nice. Just relaxing at home with the hubby. Sometimes those are the best ones.

With the Chalean Extreme program, there are 5 workout days, and 2 rest days, with one of them being optional to do your own cardio of choice. Today is my rest day but Saturday, I got up and did some HIIT. 15 minutes on my recombant bike and 15 minutes on my TM. Got my hr up sky high durning the high interval portions and really worked up a sweat. Felt great! Waited about 1/2 hour or so then had a bowl of left over overnight crockpot pumpkin oats for meal numero uno.

I tell you, these tasted just as good and creamy as the first now I know that they keep well stored in the fridge. This bowl of heaven, I topped with 3/4 cup of TJ's non fat Greek Yogurt for some protein, and drizzled with a little agave nectar and a sprinkle of cinnamon and a few jumbo raisins and walnuts.

The TJ's greek yogurt is loaded with a whopping 22 gms of protein per that!! With the heavy weight training I am doing, I need to make sure to get in my protein each and every meal, never eating carbs alone without protein tagging along for the ride. So, instead of drinking a protein shake with the oats... which is really hard to do cause the oats are so so filling, I opted to try the yogurt...not bad, but I think I prefer the oats best without the yogurt. Maybe CC? Hmm, might have to give that a try next.

Even little green feather pants...loved them. Of course his was without the yogurt since parrots can't have dairy.

Look at that oatmeal covered beak and happy Oh yea, he wanted me to tell you that he is in the process of molting his face feathers, so please excuse his shabby look..ha! He is usually in beautiful feather.

I put my Best Aroma Young coconut in the fridge last night so that it's water can get nice and cold. Might try to open that baby up today and enjoy a nice refresing...not to mention extremely healthy.... glass of coconut water and coconut meat. I don't know though, I saw on line a recipe on making a smoothie using the water and meat which sounded awesome. Decisions, decisions...hahaha! I wish I would have bought a bunch of them when I was at the Asian market Friday, can you believe I only paid a buck twenty nine? Cheap-ola!! LOL!

Ok, that's all the excitement I have for you kidos today. Keep the diet tight, get your exercise in, and make it a great day.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Frivolous Friday Re-cap!

Hey there my fellow bloggy friends!

It's Saturday...whoo favorite day of the week! I was going to work today, but decided not to last night. I'm so lucky in that I decide which days of the week I work. And I have until 11PM the night before to decide if I want to be "added" to the following day's schedule. It takes discipline big time cause it's easy to just keep putting it off till the "next day". I've learned my lesson a few

Yesterday, I woke up very early and worked out to PC3. Back and chest with a gozillian Sumo squats and standard squats. So, yesterday finished up the third week in the push circuit. I'm really starting to see a difference in my legs and booty. Got to be all those lunges and squats that Chalene has me doing. Is there a better way to get those sexy legs and behind then with doing lunges and squats? I don't think so! LOL!

After working out, SR and I headed downstairs to the kitchen to have our recovery meal. We don't eat together usually, since she literally lives right across the street from me...but Thursday night, I planned ahead and got my crockpot out and made Recipe: Crock Pot Pumpkin Oats « Broccoli Hut
for us to have Friday morning. OM-Goodness was it divine delish! So sweet and creamy....we loved every bite! We also had a plain Protein GM shake without the complex carb added to it to balance out the protein/carb ratio.

This was made using UVAM and topped with jumbo raisins and walnuts...this will be a do-over recipe again and all have to try it!

After eating, SR ran home to get ready and I hit the shower and got ready and we headed off to do a little fun food shopping. First we went to an asian market called Mekong market. Picked up a couple of Kabocha squash for 49 cents a lb. Woweee, what a bargain!

Got one of these to try. Yes I only bought case I don't like Apple/Pear..anyone every try one?

I also got this

After we left MeKong market, we decided to stop for lunch at Mimi's cafe...a small, cozy cafe decorated in a french cottage theme... with pretty linens, delicious fresh food at bargain prices...oh and great service. They have something called "just enough" menus....perfect portion sizes. Have any of you eaten at Mimi's before? How do you like it? Anyways, I had my "laxed" meal consisting of a pork sandwich on cabata bread, salad, iced tea, and a little "just enough" sized sliver of chocolate brownie with a tensie tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream. I love their just enough don't get those overwhelmingly huge portions that you have to deal with.

After lunch, we headed to Trader joes so that I could finally get a few items that I am either out of, or darn Blue chips (hubby is addicted), a container of Mediterranean Hummus (I'm addicted), 3 containers of non fat greek yogurt, organic sweet tomatoes, Raw crunchy unsalted almond butter, loaf of ezekiel sprouted bread (not pictured), agave nectar, cereal (for other family members and myself to try on laxed day), some Almond milk, and a bottle of their great EVOO

Foodie treasures of the day.. :D

Last night SR and her sweet hubby came over for movie night. We watched Powder Blue, drank a bottle of wine (I only had a 1/2 glass) and ate homeade olive oil popcorn....what more could a girl ask for? LOL! Nice enjoyable evening.

Ok, Laxed day is officially over..didn't do too bad at all....ate clean for all meals except lunch, oh and that 1/2 glass of wine..... so as of the minute my eyes popped open this's time to get back to the task at hand....Linda gets fit continues on!!

Keep it clean

Friday, July 31, 2009

It's not about the Special Ops Mission One

For my first Special ops mission over at Operation Fat Blaster
I am supposed to document the "thing" that is standing in my way of reaching my weight loss/fitness goals.

Well, I have several "obstacles" to dodge every day along this journey that I am taking. Food cravings, passing by the fast food joint on my way home from work in the evenings, junk food that my 20 year old Son brings into the house, the huge bag of plain M&M's that my dear hubby PT Keeps stocked in the pantry, the Nurse's lounge at always ladened with fattening, unhealthy foods, the list goes on and on.

But I think that the very hardest thing that I have to overcome and find a way to not let stand in my way is parties. Yes, parties. My hubby and I love to entertain and be entertained and have and are invited to lots of parties with our dear friends. What goes with parties?? Lots of FOOD! And lots of Drinks! It is so hard to stick to my eating plan when out with friends and surrounded with delicious party food and drink.

I actually got to the point where I would turn down invitations cause I just didn't trust myself and as well as my intentions were,still end up taking a bit of this and just a taste of that, and just a sip of this, and a spoonfull of that...what would that hurt right? Wrong!

I am re-thinking this whole process. This whole thing with food being the center of every party. It's not about the food! It really isn't. It's about PEOPLE! Loved ones and dear friends getting together to spend time with one another. Sharing joy, laughter, frienship, fun....not about food! So, that's my mission....not to shy away from parties and miss out on the fun and being with my dearest friends by taking the spotlight off food and on to the people.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting Extreme Thursday!

Hey all! Hope you all are having a great week. Can't believe tomorrow is Friday already..where does the time go?

I've not missed a workout all week. Monday I did PC1, Tuesday did Burn it off Cardio, last night...I did PC2 with SR.

Today I am off work, woke up at 6:45 am and was getting extreme with Chalene by 7:00 am. 45 minutes of intense cardio alternating with wieights. It's a tough workout. I have so much more energy first thing in the morning compared to working out later in the's unbelievable just how much.

I waited about 1/2 hour after my cardio before fueling up with meal number uno... green protein shake. I was out of bananas so I used a peach as my complex carb choice and it was ok, but definetly not as good as it is when using a banana. That cardio sure does get my appitite up. I'ts just about time to eat again and my belly is growling...haha.

I need to go to Trader Joes sometime today. I'm almost out of Almond butter, ezekiel cinnamon raisin sprouted bread, and agave nectar, and I am completely out of greek yogurt and non fat plain yogurt. I also want to pick up some Blue chips and a few other bananas...LOL

Here are a few food pictures that I've taking over the past couple days.

Went shopping at World market the other day and picked up a couple bars of their Scrumptious Dark chocolate to have a smidgen on my laxed day. Now, I usually don't go the 99% route, but thought I'd give it a try out of curiosity. So, I bought one of each...the 82% that I normally get, and the 99%. What did I think about the 99%? I couldn't do it. Actually had to spit it out. Too bitter for me. But.....check this out....

Don't remember which blogger put this little idea into my head, but I put a few of the 99% Dark chocolate squares on top of my morning oats and Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm, divine deish!! They melted into the oats and were perfect!

Thanks to my blogger buddy Alison over at Mama's Weeds
I had these little buggers as my snack...Medjool dates stuffed with crunchy Almond butter....can you say died and gone to heaven? Yes, they are THAT good..thanks Alison!

Made up a bowl of fresh homeade was so good, I even used it as a dressing on my salads for a few days....Avacado, fresh chopped tomatoes, Fresh squeezed lemon juice, sea salt, diced red onion...left nice and chunky just the way I like good!

For dinner the other night, I cooked up a pot of Pepper Steak...which is PT's favorite meal. I used a very lean Sirloin steak with all the fat trimmed off and sliced it into very thin strips.

First sautee some fresh chopped galic and ginger in a little EVOO and sea salt and fresh ground black pepper for a couple minutes being careful not to let the garlic get too brown... then put in the thinly sliced Sirloin steak and stir fry till no longer pink. Remove from pan and set aside.

Then saute some Sliced Green peppers and sweet onion for a few minutes in the same pan that the meat was cooked in...

Meanwhile...take a couple TBL of Corn starch and put in med sized bowl..stir in Low sodium low fat beef broth, water, and low sodium soy sauce until corn starch dissolved...set aside

After the Peppers and onions are sauteed, put meat back into pan and pour in the corn starch beef broth mixture and also dump in a couple cans of drained, sliced water chestnuts and cook over med heat till sauce thickens. Top with sliced green onions. I know that brown rice would be ideal, but I just love this meal over steamed jasmine rice....voila finished yummy!!

Ok, time to re-fuel..gotta keep my metabolism reved up and roaring!

You all have a fabulous day!]

Keep it clean

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Hummus!

Hey there! Happy Hummus! That's what was written on this box that I recieved this morning!

What is inside you ask?

The awesome Abby from I Have Issues had a fabulous hummus giveaway and I was chosen as one of the radom winners...whoot whoot! Thanks so much Abby! I'll for sure be digging into these today! Three jars of Wild Garden's Hummus dip in Traditional, black olive, and Sweet 2 Pepper. All natural, no preservatives, no cholesterol..yea baby!


Thank you all so much for all the wonderful Anniversary wishes for Patrick and I :D

I wanted to share a couple of beautiful shots I took on our way to our celebration dinner Saturday night. Arizona skies are amazing during sunsets!

So, I got up early and SR and I got extreme doing Push Circuit 1. Last week of the push phase then it's on to the Lean phase. Today I worked Bi's, Tri's, and did Standard squats, Heel squats, and single leg squats...yowzers!! And if that wasn't enough, push ups at the very end...when our muscles have already reached fatigue and failed. I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to pushups. I still can't do them on my toes, but when I first started Chalene's program, I couldn't even do not 1 pushup...even on my I can do 6 with perfect form. Now SR, she can pump out 15 perfect toe pushups....the little show off...haha!

I made a yummy green protein shake after the workout that was delish... Whey isolate protein powder, banana, ice, usoam, and a few huge handfuls of spinach.

Getting ready in a few minutes to have meal number 2 which will be....oatmeal with blueberries, Bee pollen, and wheat germ and 4 hard boiled egg whites for some lean protein. Guzzling the water today too... :D

You all have a wonderful day and keep it clean!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today is a great day

Hey guys! I worked 24 hours in the past two days, so I've been MIA just a

Today is mine and PT's 21st wedding anniversary. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in love with me :D He is my best friend, lover, and soul mate forever and always.

So, let's see..what's been happening the past few days. As you know, I had Wednesday off so I spent the day with my 10 month old GD. We had a great "just us two girls" day! I gave her a bit of a green monster (minus the protein powder), and sprouted bread spread with AB for the first time and she was digging that stuff big time! After my DD picked her up, and SR got home from work, we hit PC2 and burned it up!

Thursday, I ended up working my normal 12 hour shift. Eats were clean, but I didn't get my workout in. I had every intention of doing it after work, but I was soooo exhausted, that I decided to do it on Sunday instead of using that day as my rest day.

Friday, I was on call for work, so got up early in the wee morning and SR came over and we did PC3. Chest, back, and a butt load of Sumo squats holding mega weights. My inner thighs are thanking me for those today let me tell ya..haha! After working out and a quick shower to wash the stink, we headed down town to check out one of the local Farmers market. Picked up some good looking organic produce and browsed the tents looking at everyone's treasures. Picked up a Casaba that I've not tried before. It's still got a bit of ripening to do but check it out, it's a beaut! The girl said that it was a toss between tasting like a canteloupe, Honeydew and a cucumber. I'm anxious to dig into it.

After browsing the farmer's market, we stopped for lunch at a little place called Grandma's kitchen. I ordered a cup of veggie soup, a veggie melt and iced tea with lemon. I actually took a pic of my sandwich...haha. First time I've ever done that in public. People must have thought I was nuts....hahahaha! Didn't turn out all that was all wrong, but here it is nonetheless :D (It tasted ok...nothing to write home about :/ )

As soon as we finished eating lunch, I was called into work so we had to get going. But it was a nice day all in all.

This morning, I got up early and got in Thursday's workout that I missed...did Burn interval cardio routine. Now, just enjoying the day with my sweetie. Thought I'd better check in before another day went by.

Here are couple pics of clean eats I've had the past two days...

Check out the size of those Organic Jumbo Raisins! They are so good!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Keep it clean!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Raising the bar: Operation Fat Blaster!

Hey hey my peeps! Happy humpday to you! Can't believe that this week is already half over. I was planning on working today, but wasn't needed, so got the day off. Always good to have an unplanned day off work right?

With the Chalean Extreme program...I have 5 scheduled workouts each week (3 weight training and 2 hight intensity cardio) and 2 rest days...with one of them being optional where I can thow in some extra cardio if I choose..which I usually do. But yesterday I woke with such severe doms that I decided just to let my body rest and recover some. They are still sore today, but much better. I soaked in the hot tub last night and boy that helped tremendously. I haven't had doms that bad in a long's a good thing..really, no matter how I upped almost all my weights in my last workout, so I expected it.

So, today is be done late this afternoon or early evening. SR has early workdays on Wednesdays, so I wait for her so that we can workout together. I don't mind working out alone, but it is more fun with a partner. We really do push each other to realy "bring it"! No slacking aloud....ha!

Eats have been really clean this week. No further slip ups since over-doing it on Sunday. I have been eating every 2-3 hours throughout the day and each meal has included a lean protein and complex carb and I have been getting in veggies at least for two of my daily meals. Water has been right on...drinking a minimun of 100 oz each day.

Here are a few pics of some of my clean no particular order....for your viewing enjoyment...teehee ;)

3/4 cup of nonfat cottage cheese topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries and a drizzle of blue agave nectar

Tried a new water this week. Metromint...spearment. Minty fresh :D

Yea...I think these should last me a few

1 cup Non fat plain yogurt topped with strawberries and blueberries with a nice healthy spoonful of Trader joes unsalted raw crunchy Almond Butter

Chocolate Mint Cliff Builder Bar....20g's of protein baby!

Ok, so you may be wondering why I called this post "raising the bar"? Well...I decided to join up with Operation Fat blaster and kick my motivation up a notch! Join forces with us and Check out Michelle's Secrets of a Former Fat girl's blog Here to join! We're on a mission to blast the fat!

Keep it clean!