Sunday, August 9, 2009

WEEKend not WEAKend!

Are we all having a great WEEKend and not WEAKend? Well I'm happy to say that I am! :D For most of us, the weekend is usually a time when we are faced with much temptation and find it easy to fall off the wagon as far as our clean eating is concerned. I have a friend who always writes have a great WEEKend not WEAKend. I thought it was pretty catchy. I've been strong this weekend. Went to a party last night at our friend's house and all I had was iced tea...yeah!

Workouts have come right along this week. Today is my rest day and also ends the push phase of the Chalean plan. Tomorrow morning I start the lean phase and I'm totally hyped about it.

I weighed myself this morning and my weight has not changed but I have lost inches. I was able to easily fit into a pair of jeans that I have not been able to wear in over a year. And the top I wore has short sleeves that button and the last time I wore it, I was unable to button the sleeves and had to roll them under. Well yesterday, I was able to button them right up! Yipee! This is proof that we can not rely on the scale to show us our progress. I have been gaining precious, spectacular, fat burning muscle while at the same time burning up even though my actual body weight is unchanged, my body size is SMALLER and tighter, more to my ears!! So use those tape measures and the way your clothing are fitting to judge your progress, not the scale!

Eats have been pretty good this past week, but I did have a few slip ups. My goal this week is to keep my diet completely tight and clean and have one cheat meal on Saturday or Sunday. Not one nibble until then!

Here are a few pics that I have taken this past couple days

Apple/Pear was delish!! Sweet, crunchy, juicy, with the consistency of a pear. Will for sure be buying more of these :D

Trader joes gormet flakes & chocolate with unsweetened Almond milk

Spinach/Tomato and Guac salad (I added some sliced grilled chicken breast after I took the picture) So fattening dressing needed :D

Best Aroma young Thai Coconut...Not to be confused with coconuts you see in the grocery store....the brown, hairy kind. A young thai coconut is the same, just not as mature, and the liquid is absolutely loaded with a ton of minerals and nutritional qualities. Coconut water has been used in tropical regions around the world for centuries. Perfect for re-hydrating the body. Maybe the future sports drink?

Just look at all that beautiful Coconut water inside. Nature's Juice! What an amazing super food it is!

The water in these young coconuts are some of the purest of all waters. It is cholesterol free, and has more electrolytes than any fruit, vegetable juice or sports drink around. It is also completely pure and sterile. Did you know that back in WWII, Coconut water saved thousands of soldier's lives? Any wounded soldier needing a blood transfusion recieved a coconut water IV. Wow, unbelievable! The coconut water is sterile and is naturally distilled and was placed directly into their body through an IV! In 3rd world countries, coconut water is used as a universal blood and is still saving lives today.

I took the ice cold young coconut water, pureed the meat from inside, added a little agave nectar and had the most delicious coconut smoothie..yummy!

So, how do you like your young coconuts? Do you love them as much as I do?

I'm off to do some clean food shopping and then do some major pre-cooking for the coming week. You all can call me Betty today...ha!

Keep it clean!


  1. best blog EVER!

    Went to a party last night at our friend's house and all I had was iced tea...yeah!

    I bet you were the life of the party, instead of eating and drinking you were able to concentrate on friends and mingling. good for you. a lot of times at get togethers im nervous and am glad to eat! lol but at those times im also glad im vegan and i can easily avoid all the "bad" stuff. coconuts, um havent been able to get into those to much. i tried about a month ago but i think that i will try again every once in awhile, i think its an acquired taste.

    also congratulations on toning up and being ok with what the scale says,fitting into a shirt that you couldn't before is a huge deal! you are def an inspiration. your consistency is enviable.

  2. yay for a great weekend! and that's awesome about your jeans + shirt!!! definite proof that the scale is NOT everything.

  3. Way to go on the inches lost!! The scale can be SO deceiving. Your coconut smoothie looks yum. I have a young coconut I need to drain today. I always drink coconut water after hot yoga class. I like to squeeze lime into mine. Have fun shopping and cooking today:)

  4. Hey Linda! Congrats on getting into those jeans!!!! That's awesome!!! Also, I mentioned you on my blog today. Check it out of you can! :)

  5. ACK! I thought I posted a comment on this, I don't know what happened?? I came back to see if you answered my question and it's not even here. DOH!

    Let me try again. I wondered how you open your young coconut. Do you use a cleaver? I don't have a cleaver and used a knife to saw and pry and it was a huge pain, plus I dumped half of the water while trying to get the sucker open. Curious as to what you do!

    I use to have WEAKends all the time, I'm happy to have gotten that one figured out.

    I was wondering about you, glad you had a good WEEKend, congrats on a smaller firmer YOU!

  6. Aww, thanks guys ;) So great to have your support and encouragement!

    Alison~ Yes, they are somewhat of a pain to open...I agree..and that's putting it! I use a Cleaver type knife and a mallet and just go around 4 sides...ending in a square shape....even though it doesn't look square in the Making sure not to go too far out from the middle. I have a little water that escapes, but not too much doing it this way.

    Sometimes, I just poke a whole in the top, stick a straw in and drink the water first, then I don't risk loosing any of the "liquid gold" inside. I swear drinking that water kinda gives me a euphoric feeling..teehee! Love it!

  7. congrats on loosing inches girlie :D In my book thats better than weight :)

    oh that Trader Joe cereal reminds me of the special K chocolate cereal!

  8. WOOT Linda using the mallet is DA BOMB! You rock girlfriend! Gonna post about my success later this morning - but had to come back and say IT WORKED and was ONE THOUSAND times easier.

    **Dancing around from my coconut water buzz.**

  9. Hey, my weekend was good. I wouldnt call it completely "weak". My Sat. festives were planned but Sundays, no so much! Ugh! Lovin that guac salad! I ate a ton of it this past weekend. Still never tried a Thai Young but I plan to. I will be out by WFs today, maybe I will pick one up :).