Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 2 lean monday

Hey! Happy Monday!

Today I started week 2 of the lean phase. Bis and tris, lower body and core. It's been 7 hours since my workout and my arms are still shakey..whoa! I bought some lemons yesterday to add to my protein smoothie and I forgot to throw one I have a nice lemon tree in my backyard, but no lemons on it I have to buy them.

Eats have been pretty good, had a few meals that were not perfect...but basically, have stuck to my plan. Today, I have been doing some cooking that I didn't get done yesterday. Boiled some eggs, baked sweet potatoes, Roasted veggies, grilled some chicken breasts, cut up some fresh pineapple. Still need to make a pot of baked brown rice with roasted tomoatoes out of the eat clean diet book. And get a pot of overnight pumpkin oats ready to roll tonight. Then I'll be all set with clean food till Sunday.

Today was also house cleaning day. So, I've been bussssssy!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday :D

Keep it clean!


  1. A lemon tree in your backyard? Living in the north east that just seems CRAZY to me! Too fun.

    Yesterday was a house cleaning day for me too, sounds like you were as produtive as I was! ;)

  2. I am sorry but I cannot believe you have a granddaughter!! A really cute one by the way! All your food sounds great. Good job getting prepared for the week. My arms always stay shaky after a good workout. I have been known to break a few dishes trying to unload the dishwasher after a good arm workout. hehe


  3. I looove the shakes!! LOL It's kinda scary, but very cool to think I pushed myself THAT HARD in my workouts! :)

    You know, once I get through P90X, I'm gonna give Chalean a try!

    Great job mama! Keep up the amazing work!

  4. How cool that you have lemon tree! Sounds like you have been cooking up a storm. I guess it makes the week much easier to do it ahead of time. I'm not that organized:)

  5. Hello there
    You sure sounding like the busy one...
    Never heard of putting lemons into one's smoothie..what do the lemons do besides change the taste??
    I'm getting pretty bored with my workout program, need to work out something a bit harder now as my muscles need lots of work, they looking very floppy...
    Running I am still loving so getting enough cardio.

  6. oh I have a meyer lemon tree and no lemons yet...well they are still green... but we got a small batch last year and they were tiny but soooooo yum!

    what is the name of your "clean eating" book
    I'd be interested to see that!

    sounds like a perfectly productive day!

  7. Good luck on phase 2! Your site is great, and you daughter is beutifull.