Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Torture Tuesday

Hey there! Wow, didn't realize it's been this long since my last post....eek! I'm a slacker! I am still following my plan and eating clean, just been really busy with work.

I kinda tweeked my lower back this weekend, so the past two days, have been very careful in that area.

Today was the second day of week three of the lean phase. Yesterday I did lean circuit 1 and this morning did extreme abs and then did lean circuit 3. I'm probably working the rest of the week, so saved my cardio for those days. My arms are screaming at me today. Bis, tris, core and lower body Monday, and shoulders, chest, core and lower body today...so no worries about not letting each muscle group rest fully. Tomorrow, I'll be doing cardio for sure.

Eats have been right on! I grocery shopped yesterday and my fridge and pantry are both stocked and ready to rock a clean eat week for sure! Did some cooking yesterday, but need to do some more today.

Hope you all have been doing wonderful as well :D

I'm off to read all your blogs and get caught up!! Can't be getting this far behind again...ugg!

Keeping it clean!


  1. I'm glad you wrote, I've been missing your posts! Sounds like life is keeping you busy, way to go with staying on track.

  2. Ugh! My computer is acting all funky as I'm trying to comment to you! Anyway,glad to see you're okay. Missed seeing you there for a bit but I totally understand.

    Take care of your back and have a great week!

  3. yes im glad that you are back also! eating clean always makes me feel so much better.but i have problems at night....when the chocly cravings come. lol i need an abs dvd or something, is that what you do or do you go to a gym?

  4. sounds like your workouts are fierce! glad to have you back on here!
    keep up your good nutrition and torture,i meant "fun" workouts...:)

  5. I'm glad you're back! I missed you! I'm on a forced break from workouts due to something I pulled in my neck, but I'm positively itching to get back into my workouts! I miss it almost as much as I've missed your posts! :)

  6. So glad your back!
    Oh I love it when the fridge is full and stocked and ready to GO!

    makes cooking fun.