Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hello there! What a wonderful day today is! Sun is shinning, birds are singing, life is great! I am spending the day with my 10 month old Granddaughter Kylie. She is the apple of my eye, holds the key to my heart and is my love and treasure :D

She is taking a nappy poo, so thought I'd better get on here real quick and post a little update.

So let's see...where did I leave off? Oh yea, I was anxious to start up the Lean phase of the Chalean program. I LOVE IT! Started it on Monday. Did Lean circuit 1...working Bis, tris, lower body and core. Tuesday, I did the Extreme Ab workout and also Burn it off cardio. Yesterday, I did Lean circuit 2...working shoulders, back, lower body and core. Woa baby, am I having a bad case of doms! My shoulders and back are so sore from lifting, that they hurt to lift my arms to shampoo my hair in the shower this morning...yowzers! It's a sweet pain though right? YES!

Today, I did my own thing early this morning. Jumped on old Betsy (my dinosaur of a and did a 30 minute hight intensity interval training. There are many ways to do HIIT, but basically, you start off with a couple minute warm up and then slowly bring your intensity level up... to a peak, then back down, then back up, then back down....with intervals..alternating high and low throughout the workout. How you do it is up to your individual preference or fitness level. But it has to be super it a 9 or 10 on the intensity scale. Then follow with a couple minute cool down and your done. Intense, but quick and to the point...perfect!

Showered, then had a quick bowl of oats with blueberries, bee pollen, and wheat germ and 4 hard boiled egg whites before little miss Kylie arrived.

Tomorrow, I'll do extreme intervals and abs. I can't believe that I am actually to the point of looking forward to my workouts. I miss working out on my rest day. This is a great thing!

You all have a great and powerful day!

Keep it clean!


  1. ahhhhhh after seeing that pic of such an adorable beautiful baby,i have been officially diagnosed with baby fever!!!!!lol!

    sounds like you have been having awesome workouts and you know it is a good sign when you miss working out on your off day!!!-this is highly indicutive to finally making working out part of your lifestyle and not just some past time or hobby...
    keep it up chica!!

  2. I have noticed that also. I miss my workouts on my day off. I feel lost when I am not heading to the gym...haha

  3. OH MY WORD, she's adorable. You're doing great on your workouts. Congrats girl.

  4. yay for looking forward to working out! and Kylie is SO cute!!!

  5. Kylie is so cute!! Can't belive you have a granddaughter!!

    Have a great weekend, Linda!

  6. oh what a darling...a joy I can see...
    She is so cute!!!!

    Keeping it as clean as I can.

  7. She is just precious. It makes everything you do to get healthy worth it! For me, that was one of my main goals when I set out to lose 150 pounds - get healthy for my family!!

    You are doing an awesome job on the workouts!

  8. Look at that sweet baby girl! You must eat her up.

    Now I know what HIIT stands for! And oh yes, I love that muscle soreness... you hurt but it's such a good "I ripped up my muscles and now they are rebuilding themselves" hurt!

  9. AWWW I can see how lil Kylie stole your heart.
    she's a doll!
    I love hearing how you are looking forward to your workouts !

    good for you!