Sunday, August 2, 2009

HIIT and Pumpkin Oats...

Good Sunday Morning!

I hope you all are having one fantastic weekend. Mine has been really nice. Just relaxing at home with the hubby. Sometimes those are the best ones.

With the Chalean Extreme program, there are 5 workout days, and 2 rest days, with one of them being optional to do your own cardio of choice. Today is my rest day but Saturday, I got up and did some HIIT. 15 minutes on my recombant bike and 15 minutes on my TM. Got my hr up sky high durning the high interval portions and really worked up a sweat. Felt great! Waited about 1/2 hour or so then had a bowl of left over overnight crockpot pumpkin oats for meal numero uno.

I tell you, these tasted just as good and creamy as the first now I know that they keep well stored in the fridge. This bowl of heaven, I topped with 3/4 cup of TJ's non fat Greek Yogurt for some protein, and drizzled with a little agave nectar and a sprinkle of cinnamon and a few jumbo raisins and walnuts.

The TJ's greek yogurt is loaded with a whopping 22 gms of protein per that!! With the heavy weight training I am doing, I need to make sure to get in my protein each and every meal, never eating carbs alone without protein tagging along for the ride. So, instead of drinking a protein shake with the oats... which is really hard to do cause the oats are so so filling, I opted to try the yogurt...not bad, but I think I prefer the oats best without the yogurt. Maybe CC? Hmm, might have to give that a try next.

Even little green feather pants...loved them. Of course his was without the yogurt since parrots can't have dairy.

Look at that oatmeal covered beak and happy Oh yea, he wanted me to tell you that he is in the process of molting his face feathers, so please excuse his shabby look..ha! He is usually in beautiful feather.

I put my Best Aroma Young coconut in the fridge last night so that it's water can get nice and cold. Might try to open that baby up today and enjoy a nice refresing...not to mention extremely healthy.... glass of coconut water and coconut meat. I don't know though, I saw on line a recipe on making a smoothie using the water and meat which sounded awesome. Decisions, decisions...hahaha! I wish I would have bought a bunch of them when I was at the Asian market Friday, can you believe I only paid a buck twenty nine? Cheap-ola!! LOL!

Ok, that's all the excitement I have for you kidos today. Keep the diet tight, get your exercise in, and make it a great day.


  1. I'm a little lost...what is HIIT and Td - once I know I will remember for future reading..sorry...

    I have bran cereal and yogurt with banana for breakfast everyday, what does Eat Clean say about Bran cereal?? Interested to know.

  2. ahh man those pumpkin oats look sooo good! mind sharing the recipe?
    and marcelle, a HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training....meaning sprinting at intervals on some type of cardio equipment via outdoor running,the treadmill, bike,elliptical,swim,etc etc-something to get your heart rate up and down up and down---great way to burn fat while still maintaining hard earned muscle.. :)

  3. Hey girls!! Glad you stopped by my pad ;)

    Melissa~ Thanks for answering Marcelle's quetion about HIIT. I don't have a lot of muscle built up yet, but what I do have, I've been busting my butt to get and don't want to loose it doing steady state cardio at this point. Do you think I'm doing the right thing?

    Marcelle~ Oh boy, td was a, it was supposed to say TM for treadmill. I need to start proof reading my Oh man, I'll bet it is so confusing and weird reading about all the types of foods everyone is blogging about. Blue chips are corn chips made from blue corn, Mediterranean hummus is garbanzo beans with mediterranean spices and olive oil. Tradder Joes has their own brand that is fantastic! You can use it as a bean dip, dressing for your salad, spread for your sandwich in place of yukky mayo...all sorts of uses. The process for making greek yogurt includes extra steps that result in its thickness. It doesn't have that bitterness that regular plain yogurt is known to have. It also has about the same creamy texture as sour cream, and makes for a great substitution for it. It has recently become more increasingly available, because the taste and the lack of bitterness make it a wonderful treat. I especially love taking a cup of greek yogurt and topping with fresh fruit and drizzling a bit of agave nectar over it. Perfect blend of complex carbs and lean protein. Let's see...evoo is short for extra virgin olive oil. I hope this answered some of your questions from my previous post. Soon, you'll be an expert to all this different types of food... :D

  4. Einstein! The grape seed eating parrot! Too funny he ate oatmeal, and I had no idea birds can't eat dairy... although it makes perfect sense. Birdies don't have boobies.

  5. Alison~ Never thought about it like that, but that's probably

    Oh yea...Einstein eats very well... Lots of whole grains, Fresh fruits, veggies, all types of greens, beans, sprouted seeds and occasionaly a bit of chicken and egg whites. He is my clean eating little buddy :D

  6. there he is!!!!! funny face! was he hand fed?my bird absolutely loves warm oaty things like that. give him some split pea soup and he is a happy camper. i was hand feeding a baby bird that somebody brought to me and binky(aloha is his real name,my bird) got some starter baby bird food and went crazy, talk about childhood memories...birdy style!

  7. your oatmeal always looks amazing!!
    TJ Greek yogurt is amazing - cheap & delicious :)

    aww Einstein is too cute :)

  8. Your pumpkin oats look delish! My brother and his wife have a bird like that. He is still pretty young and I haven't actually seen him yet, but they say he is hilarious:)

  9. Your food photos always look good - and if Einstein eats it, it must be good!

    I am officially awarding you and your blog the Honest Scrap Award! Check out my post today for all the details :)


  10. mmm...i can't wait for pumpkin oatmeal again :) i had it so much this past fall/winter that I burned myself out on it, but I can't wait for cooler weather!

  11. Hi Linda
    I found your blog from Justine's (pboats) blog. Nice yummy recipes and I like that you are into fitness and being healthy, yay!