Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's my turn!

Hey there!

Well, I'm having a great day today. Got up bright and early...and killed it with Burn Intervals. Wow, that's an intense workout and I love it! I was still sweating when I got out of the shower! Chest on "fiya" from yesterday's workout....ahhhh, does it get any better?

Waited about 45 minutes after my cardio workout before fueling up with my old faithful Green Monster protein shake, I FINALLY picked up some oat bran the other day and decided it was high time to give the ole "oats in a jar" a try. OMG-oodness! Party in my mouth! What took me so long to try oat bran you ask? I have no idea...I guess I have always loved oat meal so much that I didn't see the need to expand....but boy was I

Started with this....

1/3 cup into the pot...

Then I added 1 cup H2O, 1/2 banana..cut up, 1 TBL Jumbo flame raisins, dash of sea salt, 1 tsp vanilla, and sweetener of choice. I used Agave nectar.

Boil for 2 minutes stirring constantly, then take off heat and let sit for 2 minutes. Then stir in 1 TBL golden flax seeds ground with my majic bullet, and 1 TBL of wheat germ

and....can't forget... 1 tsp of Fresh Bee Pollen granules

Stir to combine well...

Next, take your "almost empty" jar of Raw Almond butter (ok, mine had a little more AB then normal...)

And put the other half of the banana in the bottom

Pour the cooked oat bran over top of the bananas, and top with fresh blueberries, raw walnuts, and a drizzle of agave nectar

Yummy! So clean, nurishing, delish, and filling. I had a scoop of protein powder mixed with 1 cup of almond milk to make this a complete complex carb/lean protein balanced meal.

Again, does it get any better?

Keep it clean!


  1. Look at you!! You look like an oats in the jar pro!! Isnt it fantastic? I love the way oat bran expands so much more than oatmeal. Hope things are going good with you, I dont know where I disappeared to?? I really need to update my blog roll so I dont forget my favorite blogs!! :)


  2. what a fantastic jar you made :) isn't it awesome having that almond butter just waiting for you at the end? yum.

  3. Glorious wheat germ! I love it! Where does one get bee pollen? I've heard such good thinks about it.

  4. That looks so delish!!! I can't get over it! I will definitely have to try this when my jar starts to get low.

  5. No, it does not get any better. And that is totally my kind of AB jar for eating oats out of! One with plenty left in there!

  6. i had thopught that i commen6ted on this post, because it has def been on my mind!!! thats got to be the best looking oaty thing ever.....ever-ever! so at the store today i was trying to find what you used but since i had read this post when you put it up (a few days ago) and didnt refresh my memory before i went..i got the wrong stuff!!! i got steel cut oats. i was really looking forward to somehing soaking up a lot of water so it it would last longer to eat!!! for the past three days i have been trying oats. (i um..raided my pigs treat quaker container...)and they are ok, i had never had oatmeal until then, the texure is all my mind but im slowly starting to like mixing things. so maybe get back to me if you know anything about the steel cut kind. they look like cut up brown rice...

  7. Hey, just wanted to let you know I tried the perfect sweet potato thing and it was like magic!! YUM!!! Now I just have to remember to cook my potato an hour and half before I want to eat it :) hahaha


    P.S. Things ok with you? Haven t seen you around...

  8. hi linda, just wanted to apologize for that messy comment i left up there. must have been tired, its pretty brutal.