Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomorrow is a new day

Hey all. Well, It's been a great weekend. Today, my friend SR and I went out and did some fun shopping. She is the one that is starting Chalean Extreme tomorrow. We have a date in my home gym with some iron tomorrow morning at 7am It's gonna be so cool to have a workout partner doing the same plan as I am doing. So cool!

First we went to a really neat health food store called The Good Apple. This place sells everything you could imagine. I could spend hours in that place. I bought some things that I was either out of or running low on. Short grain brown rice, Steel cut oats, Flax seed, Fresh Bee pollen, Wheat germ, Unsweetened Almond milk, Coconut water, Coconut oil, Ezekiel bread (will be the first I've tried this...can't wait!), and Raw almonds.

I saw that they had Chia seeds....I've been hearing about these little miracle seeds. I need to do some research on the different health benefits of chia seeds compared to flax seeds. The price difference is pretty big. Chia seeds are quite a bit more costly. So, need to find out if that cost difference will be worth it. They also have all different grinders with the different nuts to make your own fresh nut butters. I didn't have time today to grind some up, they were getting ready to close, but will go back this week and make up some almond butter.

Then we went to a couple different fitness supply stores for SR to get her some different sizes of free weights. She found a good deal for some adjustable weighted ones. I have what I need for now...I will be needing 25 lb and 30 lbs (for lower body work) withing the coming month I predict. Your strength increases fast doing Chalene's program.

Went to the farmers market to stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, and lots of different greens. Have fresh chicken to grill, ground white turkey breast for turkey burgers, and lots of hard boiled egg to have as my main lean protein choices this week. Brown rice, sweet potatoes, brown rice cakes, fresh fruits and veggies will serve as my complex carb choices. I need to make up a couple batches of Protein fruit bars to have as my afternoon snack. A Protein shake will make up another of my 5-6 meals I'll be eating each day. So, I'm all set with clean eats...just have to do some cooking and baking tomorrow then I'll be completely set for the coming week.

One of my goals this week is to get no less then 7 hours of uninterupted sleep each night. I've been really reading up on the effects that lack of sleep has on weight's a that's gonna be priority.

I'll be back tomorrow to write about how SR likes the chalean workouts......I know she is gonna love them!

Keep it clean!



  1. How are you liking Chalean? I love TurboJam, so I bet she's phenomenal in CEX! Can't wait to follow your journey and see your progress!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for following me on my's great to have you along! I love the Chalean program. It's tough, but I think it's gonna work wonders. Never gets boring that's for sure..always something different :)