Friday, June 12, 2009

Finding my path to fitness

Hey there!

Finding my way to fitness....that's what i'm doing. I'ts been my goal for way too long. I think it's about time I get there. Yea, long overdue.

I was never overweight as a child or teenager...or as a young adult for that matter. After I had my second child, and life got cozy, things slowed down and little by little, year by year, the weight crept on.

For the past 10 years, I've tried every weight loss program (well, not EVERY weight loss program, but a lot of them!), every weight loss gadget, exercise doo-dad out there. Yea, I lost weight with some of them. But none of them was something I could do long term, and make it my life long regime. I Just haven't been able to find my "click". Haven't been able to find something that I could embrace as my new lifestyle.

Until now.

I picked up Tosca Reno's eat-clean diet book, read it, and instantly loved it. This is the type of eating that I can live with. Not a fad, not something that's radical or not healthy enough to do long term. Not something that was going to be impossible for me to want to do long term. But something that made total sense to me. Just pure, healthy clean eating. Yes!

Now, to find the perfect workout program.

I ordered the P90X program by Tony it home, looked it over, pre-viewed a couple of the DVD's, and decided that it wasn't what I was looking for at this time. Not yet anyways.

I went on the Beach body website and scoured through the many programs they had available. I started seeing people talking about Chalene Johnson's new program called Chalean Extreme and what an amazing program it was and what fabulous results people were getting. So, of course I ordered it.

I started it June 1st and have been doing it for 12 days and I love it. It is the perfect combination of weight training and cardio. I can already tell I'm getting stronger just from what I've done so far. My good friend and neighbor Susan ordered the program when she saw how excited I was over it. So, I will start over with day 1 this coming Monday June 15th so that we will be on the same workout schedules and can do our workouts together. It's way more fun with a workout buddy don't you think?

Oh, and I've been eating clean for those 12 days too...except for a cheat day and a screw up day and half. Can't be doing that. But I love the way my body feels when I feed it clean foods. I love the energy level I am having. Makes me want to keep it up. Afterall, this is a lifetime change I'm making.

I'm trying not to think of this as a weight loss journey but a journey to health....weight loss will be an added side effect benefit. I read that somewhere..forget where...but I thought yea, that sounds good.

Ok, untill next time. I'm gonna get PT (my hubby) to watch a movie with me. But I'll be back to post some of my clean eats.

Keep it clean!


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