Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feeling great!

Hey guys!

It's July already! Whoa, hard to believe!

I have been doing great on my clean eating plan and with following the Chalean workout program. I haven't had a headache in a week and I am no longer getting heart burn indigestion like I used to get from eating crap. I'm waking up with a clear head, and a bounce in my step. I know that sounds dorky, but it's TRUE! :D

I am in LOVE with Chalene's Johnson's new workout program Chalean extreme! I am in the third week of the Burn phase and have only missed two workouts. I had a family crisis happen Friday night and that kinda blew if out of the water for the weekend and I missed my workouts. But I did manage to stick to my eating plan.

I'm still getting DOMS from all my workouts. That is my have at least one muscle group super sore...kinda judging my effort that I have been upping the amount of weight I'm lifting in most of the exercises. I can already tell I'm getting stronger. Come on muscles.....get to burning off this FAT! LOL!

My abs are SO sore from Monday's workout(and my posterior delts, pecs, and the ole gluts..haha) I did the Burn circuit 1 and then did the extreme ab workout right afterward and whoa, my abs are killing me from my ribcage all the way down. That is a powerful ab workout and it works the whole area obliques and all.

My eats are still right on track. I love this way of eating. That was my problem when ever I lost weight before...I wasn't doing a plan that I could stick to for a lifetime, and when I got the weight off, I'd slowly but surely go back to my old was and BAM, I would gain it back. Not this time. This is the last time for me, I can see myself eating this way forever I'm in love with the foods I have been lovingly feeding my body.

I've been seeing all these yummy looking green smoothies going on around here, so for the past two days, I have been trying my hand at making my protein smoothies a little more interesting and more healthy....and a lot more beautiful! Here is a picture of yesterday's post workout was the best ever! In my blender went..... 1 cup of ice, 1 cup of unsweetened original almond milk, 1 scoop of whey protein powder (26 gms protein), 1/2 of a large banana, 1 Tbs ground golden flax seeds, 1 Tbsp Wheat germ, a little squirt of agave nectar, and a couple big handfuls of baby spinach. So, so good and yummy! It even matched my placemats...ha!

I made very lean ground turkey Italian sausages the other night for dinner for the family. Didn't tell them that they were Grilled up some sweet onions and green peppers with evoo and a little ground sea salt and pepper and put it all in an Ezekiel pita....squirted a little mustard on top and Wow was that good. Family couldn't believe that it was turkey sausage and sprouted pita bread when I revealed my little secret to them. Even my Son, who is like the pickiest eater ever loved it!

I'm gonna be doing some cooking today, maybe try a new recipe.
You all have a fabulous day!

Until next time,
Keep it clean!

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